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Dr. Henry's Website
Dr. Henry began her career as an Assistant Dean of College Admissions where she quickly realized the advantages afforded those with a strong primary education and the knowledge of how to best use that education. While in this position, she began volunteering at “Parent Empowerment” workshops and made a commitment to share options and opportunities with parents and students. Shortly after beginning this volunteerism, she realized that Professional School Counselors could be monumentally important in helping families from all economic backgrounds realize a dream of higher education, empowerment and economic advancement. Therefore, she decided to make a career change from higher education to primary education.

During 1995, she enrolled in a masters’ level program in Counseling and Human Services and began to work with middle and high school parents and students in making effective educational, extra-curricular and life choices. In 1998, she enrolled in a full-time doctoral program and completed that program in 2004. Currently, she serves as a Professional School Counselor in DeKalb County Public Schools at Narvie J. Harris Theme School in Decatur, Georgia.

Counselor's Corner
Respect for Others
Respect for others may be defined as "to feel or show honor for feelings and rights of others". Respect for others should be demonstrated at school, home and in the community; and should be a natural part of our students' character and daily routine.
Parenting Tip
Teach your child how failure can help him/her grow. Parents know that the world can be a tough place. Parents may end up with children who lack confidence in their abilities to face the normal challenges of life because of constantly trying to shield them from disappointments. Failure can teach children that they have to try harder. Failure can help children see another way to solve a problem. You as parents can help children see another way to solve a problem by asking, "What would you do differently next time?" Sometimes, failure can encourage children to take risks. As a parent, you can help your child see that the greatest failure comes from failing to try at all. Finally, failure teaches children to lose gracefully. Failure lost gracefully, in turn, should teach children how to behave when they do win.

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