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Welcome to the Narvie J. Harris Theme School Library. This page is dedicated to what you need to know in order to be successful this school year. 
Parents, click here to learn how to choose the right book for your child.
What is TikTok? Click here to find about that & other apps that students enjoy. 
Create better Digital Habits..what's that? Google has the answer.
Contact Ms. Claritt or Ms. Ealey 
Helpful tips for Chromebooks
Grades 3-5 Accessing VERGE
What is Launchpad  
Confused about VERGE  
Email a teacher in VERGE
Having problems, submit a TICKET 
Students will be required to read books this school year. Since, they can't check out a physical book, there are websites where they can read an ebook or an ebook can be read to them. In this list you will see the name of the website, the link to the website, a tutorial, and information to use the site.  
 MyOn Link Tutorial
School Name: Get Georgia Reading 
username: dekalbcounty
(returns Spring 2022) 

 Destiny Link Tutorial
 username S#, mydestiny

 Sora Link Tutorial
Through Clever 
username S#
password: student's password
 Ask Librarian for password
 Launchpad Link Tutorial Same as Clever

 NJH Capstone  Link Tutorial ask Librarian for password

Through Clever
username S#
password: student's password    
 Gale Resources Link Tutorial ask Librarian for password
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