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Principal and CLO
Dr. Sean R. Tartt

Principal and CLO As the Principal and Chief Learning Officer of Narvie J. Harris Traditional Theme School, I would like to invite our parents, students and community to join us as we strive to "Increase Student Performance through Increased Parental Engagement". This year we plan to continue to contribute to our school’s track record of success as we embark upon another year. Narvie J. Harris Traditional Theme School has a distinct and state renowned reputation for excellence in many fields of human endeavor and we will need your unwavering support to continue this grand tradition. It is vital that we demonstrate love, optimism, trust, and loyalty to our school, Narvie J. Harris Traditional Theme School.

We are now three weeks into school and the students are excited and are very spirited about accomplishing individual, class, and school goals set for the year. Thanks to you, we have begun the school year well and are steadily working to teach and challenge our students to take them to the next level. The faculty and staff of Narvie J. Harris are committed to providing a high quality education addressing the individual needs of each child in an orderly, respectful atmosphere, enhanced by community spirit. Parents please, register on the school’s/district’s website for K-12 Alerts and Parent Assistant formerly known as Parent Portal where you can monitor your child’s grades. Our students will not have any other option but to succeed with the support, patience, and execution of us all!

As discussed in Open House, our parents are ALWAYS welcome. Please keep in mind the board policy which states that 24-hour notice must be given to observe classes. We recognize that this is still a “transition” for us but together we will certainly make it work. Therefore, we are continuing to ask our parents to utilize the agenda planner, teachers’ planning time by appointment, conferences, and email to ask questions or share pertinent information so that “instructional time” is not compromised as well as board policy.

Additionally, I would like to thank all the dedicated members of the PTA who ensure that our students have what it takes to accomplish great things. I trust every parent/guardian has joined our PTA or will do so before the deadline of September 30, 2017, in order to keep your child enrolled. Thank you so much for being great supportive parents who know and appreciate the value of a fine “Narvie education”. Continue to encourage our students to reach their full academic and social potential as they prepare to become the future leaders of America. Parents, you have our support, we need your support, and together we will support our fine school in achieving high academic excellence as we embark, embrace, and profess success this school year!


Dr. Sean R. Tartt, Principal & Chief Learning Officer
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